Collector Notes 收藏小記

1. Pavilion and Crows in the Evening by Famous Guangdong Painter Bao Shao-you (1892-1985)


Quite a number of items in this collection were purchased through Ebay, the international online auction platform. In    order to buy good items from Ebay, a buyer needs to have a good judgment by sight. It has been quite a long time that I have not been visiting Ebay.  In June 2009, when I was flipping through the auction catalogue pages of Ebay, I came to the auction webpage of this painting.  So I got this painting.


2. Resumption of Updates on January 16, 2009

Collecting is still an on going habit although the interest to update our website has suddenly lost its steam. Over the last some three and half years, we have added quite a number of interesting items to our collection while only a few items have been sold to other collectors, mostly the high flyer Chinese monkey stamp T46 which brought about a profit of almost 10,000 times!!!! The most remarkable new addition is a little collection of beautiful Chinese Yixing teapots.

3. Qing Dynasty Handscroll 清代手卷

This was purchased from an Ebay seller. The painting is about 9 feet long. There are also inscriptions with a total length of about 5 feet. There are some 74 monks and some animals including a blue dragon and cranes on the painting, It appears to be related to a hindus legend. The art work is excellent and it must be done by a accomplished painter. However, I have some questions on the dates in the inscriptions. I have asked the seller about the source of this handscroll and the following is her reply:

"Hi... I will check with the antique dealer who asked me to list it for him. But I believe he purchased it at an estate sale. I live on Mt. Tremper where there is a Buddhist Monastery.... Maybe there is some connection to the many Buddhists in the area."

4. Paintings of Bao Dong 包楝

These were purchased from the same Ebay seller. They are unmounted and look very old. The art work is excellent but I have some questions on the dates in the inscriptions. I have asked the seller about the source of these paintings and the following is his reply:

"They came from a local architect who had worked in the east. There were four in the group. Three have been sold, two to you and one to a fellow in New York. This one is the last of the four. I think the four paintings had some relationship as the four seasons do. Hope this answers your question."

In March 2001, a gentleman in New York sent me pictures of the other two paintings and with his consent I added these two paintings to the website.

5. Nine Paintings of Guan Liang 關良

They were purchased from an estate sale in Hong Kong. There are also some 30 more very nice paintings of other painters yet to be listed. Besides, there are some historic photos mainly related to the 1967 riot in Hong Kong.

6. Qing Dynasty Calligraphy

There are a total of twelve mounted pages, some silvered. The calligraphers are either listed Qing calligraphers or senior officials in the Qing Government. They were purchased from an estate sale in Hong Kong.


7. Lammert Painting Collection

This collection contains over 100 paintings with handscrolls, album leaves, umounted originals and mounted painting scrolls. I acquired this collection from a warehouse. I call it "Lammert collection" because the warehouse owner told me that he purchased the paintings from a clearance sales of Lammert Brothers, the oldest Hong Kong auctioneer, as Lammert had to move to a much smaller premises. According to a staff of Lammert, this paintings are the leftover of some disappeared customers. I have tried to trace the names of previous owners and I could only find two, namely Dr. Zhu Da-qian (諸達謙博士) and Mr. Feng Yu-shieng (馮 ? ?).

8. Rubbing of Ming Dynasty stone inscription by Master Calligrapher Chen Xian-zhang 陳獻章(Ming Dynasty)

I bought 4 scrolls from a Hong Kong collector/dealer but one of them was damaged when I sent it for mounting. Thus I dare not try to mount the remaining three. These rubbings belongs to the type of Zhu Sha Rubbing (硃砂拓) which existed before Daoguang era. Zhu Sha is the Chinese name for a mercury chemical for painting and medical use.


9. 5 woodblock prints from 53 Stations of Tokaido Series

These prints were bought from the same seller. According to the seller, they were found at an estate sales and there are records show that they were purchased by the previous owner at a cost of $200 each in the 50's. Butterfield appraised them at $100 each. However, the seller did not give me the records he referred to.

10. Bunch of Japanese Artworks

The following bunch of 8 interesting Japanese paintings were bought from a US seller. The signed ones were by famous contemporary poets/painters of Japan.

實篤 Saneatsu 周二 Sekeitai 待考 (To be studied) (anonymous)

(不知名) (anonymous)

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