Flower Painting by Famous 19C Japanese Painter, Calligrapher and Poet, Nagasaka Sekitai (1845-1924)



Nagasaka Sekitai (1845-1924)

Born in 1845 in Nagoya. He was born in a family of doctors and he also became a doctor in Toyko when he grew up. He was taught Chinese poem by the great 19C Japanese poet, Mori Shunto(1819-1889). He was named as one of the four best students of Mori Shunto. He was also famous for his calligraphy and Nanga painting. He passed away in 1924 at the age of 80.


弘化2年(1845)尾張名古屋出生。本名稱周二。字希壯。別名石埭。別號「玉池星舫夢樓斜庵」、「又一桂堂」。出於醫學世家,嘗充帝國大學醫學部教授,並在東京當醫師。 曾參加「同仁會」活動。 為學習漢詩, 進入鷲津毅堂, 師從森春濤(1819-1889), 是春濤門下四大弟子之一。其於神田松鎮(俗稱玉池) 梁川星巖的舊宅「玉池仙館」, 曾經聚集了很多愛好中國文化的文人、墨客出入,居室服御純倣中國。他的漢詩自成一家, 其書法宗劉石菴,亦別具風格, 人稱「石埭流」, 其畫則宗南畫, 亦工篆刻,有詩書畫篆刻四絕的雅名。大正13年(1924)逝世, 享年80歲。


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