Landscape Painting by Famous Qing Dynasty Painter Bao Dong. Circa 1860.

清名畫家包楝 山水畫


包楝 (十九世紀) 



Bao Dong (active in mid-19C)

Qing Dynasty Painter. zi Ziliang, hao Jinsan, Shaohua Guanzhu, was a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang. A student of Liu Yong. He excelled in painting figures. His paintings conveys a sense of archic elegance and liveliness. He successfully established a distinctive style of his own apart from the other two eminent figure painters of the Qing Dynasty, namely Gai Qi (1774-1829) and Fei Dan-xu (1801-1850) . He is also proficient in painting landscape and flower with subtle color tones. Most of the designs of the letter sheet of Jiangsu and Zhejiang at that time were originated from him. Some of Bao's works were kept in the museums of China.

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