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Major additions since September 2005, 公元 2005年九月以來主要更新

1. Added two unsigned portrait painting scroll with famous collector Chen Ding's seal

   吳偉業     周處

2. Added 伴大納言 Ban dainagon ekotoba

3. Added a painting by Xu Bei-hong

4. Updated the webpage for a painting by Ba Da Shan-ren 

5. Updated the webpage for a script by Dong Qichang 

6. Updated the webpage for a painting of Ba Da Shan-ren


7. Added another large Liangzhu Culture Jade Cong

8 Added a large Liangzhu Culture Jade Cong


9 Added a Tang Dynasty Tri-color (Three Color) Pottery Pot

10. Added a Ming Wangli period porcelain jar painted with under glaze blue and over glaze Wucai


11. Added a Qing Dynasty Jiaqing Reign Lotus Rim porcelain Bow  

12. Added a Kangxi Wucai Fruit Bird Bow  

13. Added a Seal of a famous Song Dynast monk  普庵祖師

[Note: This seal came together with the Song Dynasty Lotus Sutra ]



16. Added a painting by 下村觀山 Kanzan Shimomura

17 Added a painting study by 長澤蘆雪Nagasawa Rosetsu

18. Added a painting scroll by Yamamoto Shunkyo山元春舉

19. Added an unsigned painting scroll  


20. Added a painting scroll depicting "Pavilions in the Deep Mountains" by Ming Dynasty Master Chiu Ying (1494-1552) 

仇英 Chiu Ying

21. Added a handscroll depicting a battle scene in the famous 'Later Three Years War' (1083-1087) of Japan



22. Added a handscroll by 17c Japanese Master 松村吳春 Matsumura Goshun

松村吳春 Matsumura Goshun

23. Added a painting by Qing Dynasty painter Jiang Lian 蔣蓮 (circa 1796-?)

蔣蓮Jiang Lian


24. Added a painting by Qing  painter Hu Zhao 胡照 (circa 19th century)

(to be provided later)

25. Added a painting by late Qing Dynasty master painter Ren Yi 任頤 (1840-1896)

任頤 (伯年) Ren Yi (Bonian)  

26. Added a painting by contemporary master painter Bao Shao-you 鮑少游 (1892-1985)

鮑少游 Bao Shao-you 



27. Added a collection of Yixing teapots

(to be continued)

陳鳴遠 Cheng Mingyuan    

邵二泉 Shao Erch`uan


朱可心 Zhu Kexin

吳雲根 Wu YunGen     

蔣容 Chiang Rong  

周桂珍 Zhou Gui-zhen     

汪寅仙 Wang Yin-xian   


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