Yixing Purple Clay Teapot by Jiang Rong (1919-2008)-- Lotus Leaf with Insects and Frog

蔣蓉(1919-2008)製宜興紫沙茶壺-- 荷葉, 蛙 及 昆蟲

Jiang Rong Born in1919 Qianluo village, Chuanfu country in Yixing. She is a Senior Craft Master.

Jiang Rong was born of a potter's family and started learning purple clay ware production methods under her uncles. In 1939 she followed her uncle Jiang Yanting (Honggao) to Shanghai to make imitations of antique purple clay wares. She returned to Yixing four years later. In 1955 she joined the Shushan Pottery Works. In 1957 she was elected a technical tutor for purple clay potters. In 1978 she was elected a Craft Master in Jiangsu province. In 1988 she participated in the national assembly of craftmen.

She is skilful in the use of multi-coloured clay and her works usually take insects, fish, melons, other fruit, flowers and birds as subjects. She has made highly naturalistic fruit models, scholar's requisities, teapots and wine vessels in over one hundred varieties. Her colour application and form designs are highly naturalistic. She merges aesthetic beauty with naturalism in her works. She has a unique style and is famous female Craft Master of our time. Her works have been selected for state presentations and have been sent for exhibition overseas many times. In 1985, she participated in the purple clay ware exhibition organized by the Jin Fung International Company in Hong Kong.

Her representative works include a teapot with a hundred shou characters, a water dropper with toad and mole-cricket, a loquat brush rest, and models of miscellaneous fruits.

The winter melon pillow in the present exhibition was her creation in the hot summer of 1988. She was looking for relief with a cool pillow in a hot summer. The work is interesting in concept and form and the workmanship is exquisits

The design of this Yixing Purple Clay teapot is in the form of lotus leaf with a frog and three insects on it. This a typical style of Chiang Rong's teapot.

Jiang Rong passed away in 2008.

蔣蓉 (1919-2008)

別號林鳳, 高級工藝美術師. 一九一九年生於宜興川埠鄉潛洛村紫砂陶業世家. 自幼跟父輩學做紫砂器, 一九三九年曾隨伯父蔣燕庭(宏皋) 到上海仿製紫砂古董, 四年後重返故里.一九五五年參加蜀山陶業社, 一九五七年被評為紫砂藝人技術輔導員, 一九七八年被江蘇省任命為工藝師.一九八八年參加全國工藝美術藝人代表大會. 她善用五彩色泥, 作品多以蟲魚、水果、花鳥為題才。製作象真果品、文房雅玩、各種茗壺、酒具等一百多種,設色與造型逼真,融合藝術美和自然情趣,風格獨特,成為當代著名的女工藝師。作品多次被作為國家禮品和出國展品。一九八五年赴香港參加錦鋒紫砂陶藝展。其代作品有百壽壺、蛤蟆捕蟲水盂、枇杷筆架、象真百果等。

這個紫沙茶壺 以荷葉, 蛙 及 昆蟲為題材, 是思趣、形美、工精之傑作。

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