Original Toyokuni III and Hiroshige II, Miracles of Kanon, circa 1859. Kanon, the Buddist God/Goddess of Mercy. She is one of the few deities to appear in female form. Kanon frequently responds to fervant appeals for assistance. Tales of Kanon apparitions abound in Medieval liturature and religious tales. This print shows a traveler in leggings and a straw hat stopping to help a man yoked to a heavy Buddist altar. The scene seems to be one of suprised recognition on the one hand and shame on the other. The landscape of a temple at the top is by Hiroshige II. The text is by Mantei Oga, the author of the popular Buddist moral fable, "Shaka Hasso Yamato Bunko". This print measures 9.25 X 14, and is a fair impression.

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