A wood block printed Japanese kabuki theatre triptych by Kunimasa the third. Not dated but circa 1880. It depicts a famous scene in the "Legend of the Three Kingdoms". In this scene, Liu Bei, the leader of Shu, accompanied with his two brothers, namely Quan Yue and Zhang Fei, visited the famous Wiseman, Zhu Ge Leung in order to invite him to be his millitory advisor.

Kunisada II Utagawa (1823-1880) was a pupil of Kunisada (Toyokuni III). He signed his prints as Baido Kunimasa or Kunimasa III. He married his master's daughter in 1846 and took his master's name. After his master's death, he started using the name of Toyokuni IV.

"Pupil of Kunisada. At first he signed his prints Baido Kunimasa III or Kunimasa; in 1846 he married his master's daughter, taking the names Kunisada II, Kochoro, and Ichijusai; from about 1870, after Kunisada's death, he used the name Toyokuni III (actually, IV)." --'Images from the Floating World' by Richard Lane


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