Calligraphy by famous Hong Kong artisit Xiang Han-ping (香瀚屏) (1889-1978)



香瀚屏 (1889-1978)

Biographical Notes

A native of Hepu, Guangdong, Xiang served as a senior military officer and the director of the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong. After 1949, he settled in Hong Kong.

Xiang Hanping excelled in calligraphy and was particularly noted for writing running and cursive scripts.Selected Exhibition Records

Xiang Hanping's works were exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan. His works were featured in a solo exhibition in Taiwan (1959) and joint exhibitions including ' Chinese Painting and Calligraphy by Guangdong and Hong Kong Artists form the Taiylou Collection' (Hong Kong Museum of Art .1992), etc.

香瀚屏 (1889-1978)


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