Chinese calligraphy scroll by listed artist Liang Hancao (1899-1965)



Liang Hancao (1899-1965)

Biographical Notes

A native of Yinjiangxiang, Gaoyao, Guangdong, Liang had served as the Minister of the Central Propaganda Bureau, deputy secretary of the Highest Committee of National Defense, Councillor of the Legislative Council, adviser to the President and other official posts in the Nationalist Government. After he had moved t0 Hong Kong, he taught at Pui Ching Secondary School. Liang excelled in poetry, Chiense classics and calligraphy, and was particularly noted for wroting running and cursive scripts.

Selected Exhibition Record

Liang Hancao's works were exhibited in Hong Kong. His works were featured in joint exhibitons including 'Hong Kong Calligraphy- Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art' (Hong Kong Museum of Art.1990), ' Chinese Painting and Calligraphy by Guangdong and Hong Kong Artists from the taiyilou Collection' (Hong Kong Museum of Art.1992), etc.









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