Two Sheets of Calligraphy (same content)by Qing Dynasty Famous Calligrapher Lin Ze-xu (1785-1850)

清代名書法家林則徐 (1785-1850)手書(內容相同)兩張

Lin Zexu (1785-1850),

zi Shaomu, was a native of Houguan, Fujian. He attained his jinshi degree in 1811. During his service as intendant of rivers in Shandong and governor of Jiangsu, hedevoted much effort to the improvement of the river drainage systems. Later he was appointed commissioner of opium prohibition, and arrived at Guangdong where he burnt opium at Humen. However, owing to this incident, he was framed by the conservatives and was finally deprived of his post and was sent to Xinjiang.Lin excelled in writing running script. He adopted Ouyang Xun's calligraphy in regular script as the basic model to evolve, which gives his works a sense of stern stability and bold forcefulness. But, at the same time, his calligraphy is imbued with a sense of gracefulness which is borrowed from the style of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy in running and cursive scripts.

林則徐 (1785-1850)



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