Flower and Bird Painting by modern Master painter Zhao Shao Ang (1905-1998)

趙少昂 (1905-1998) 花鳥圖

Zhao is a native of Guangzhou, Guangdong. He studied painting at the Gao Qi Feng Private College of Art. He taught at the Foshan College of Fine Arts in 1927. In 1930, he founded the Lingnan Art Studio in Guangzhou, who in 1937 served as the head of the Department of Chinese Painting at the Guangzhou Municipal College of Fine Arts and a professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Guangzhou University in 1948. In 1948, Zhao settled in Hong Kong, who also founded the 'Lingnan Art Studio' to teach students. His publications include Chanyan Ji, Paintingss by Zhao Shao Ang, A study of Practical Painting, Collection of Painting and Calligraphy by Professor Chao Shaoan, Selection of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy by Chao Shaoan, etc.

Zhao Shao Ang was inspired by Gao Qifeng in his early years. He excels in painting landscapes, animals, flowers, insects and fish, and is particularly noted for painting cicadas. Zhao is a representative painter of the Lingnan School.

Zhao Shao Ang's works are widely exhibited in Hong Kong and overseas. His works were featured in solo exhibitions in Guangdong (1933), Hong Kong (1939), a touring exhibition at various universities and museums in U.S.A. (1960), 'The Art of Chao Shao-an' (Hong Kong Museum of Art . 1979), National Museum of Singapore (1987), a touring exhibition in Germany (1989), etc. His works were also featured in joint exhibitions in joint exhibitions including 'First National Exhibition of Fine Arts' (Shanghai . 1929), 'Exhibition of Chinese Arts' (moscow, Paris and Berlin . 1932-1933), 'Asia Modern Art' exhibition (1973-1978), etc.

Zhao Shao Ang was granted various awards including gold medal at the belgium Centenary independence World Fair (Brussels - 1930), associateship of the Chinese Academic institute (Taiwan . 1972), M.B.E. (Britain . 1980), the 'Art Achievement Award' of the Hong Kong Artists' Guild (1991) and a doctoral degree in Arts, with honours, from the University of Hong Kong (1994).


趙少昂 (1905-1998)







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