Calligraphy by Qing Master Calligrapher Liu Yong (1719-1804)


Liu Yong (1719-1804), zi Songra, hao Shi'an, was a native of Zhucheng, Shandong. He attained his jinshi degree in 1751 and later rose to the post of grand secretary of the Eastern Hall, He was given the title Wenqing after his death.

Lin excelled in writing running and regular scripts. He adopted the calligraphic style of Dong Qichang and assimilated those of the great masters, like Yan Zhenqing and Su Shi, into it. After the age of seventy, he delved into the stelae of the Northern dynasties. His calligraphy is characterized by rich ink tone and thick and forceful brushstrokes. He, Weng Fanggang, Liang Tongshu and Wang Wenzhi were collectively known as the "Four Masters of the Capital".


字崇如,號石菴,山東諸城人。乾隆十六年 (1751) 進士,官至東閣大學士,卒諡文清。


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