Painting of a Drunken Man by Qing Dynasty Master Artist Huang Shen (1687-1772)


Huang Shen (1687-1772), zi Gongshon, 'too Yingpiaozi, Donghai Buyi5 etc., was a native of Ninghua, Fujian. He resided in Yangzhou and earned his living by selling paintings. He was a lower of the well-known painter Shangguan Zhou and was regarded as one of the "Eight Eccentrics of the Yangzhou School".

Huang excelled in painting landscapes and flowers, and was par-ticularly noted for painting figures of the legendary and historical themes, as well as those of the common folk, such as fishermen and beggars, with forceful and calligraphic brushstrokes executed in a free and spontaneous manner. He was also noted for his cal-ligraphy in reminiscence of the monk Ruaf Su of the Tang dynasty.

黃慎(1687一1772) 清代畫家,字恭壽,又字恭懋,號癭瓢子,東海布衣等,福建寧化人,家貧,事母以孝稱,賣畫為生,居揚州,為揚州八怪之一,上官周弟子,善人物,筆致工細,多取神仙故事和文人士大夫生活為題材,有時也畫楔牷B漁民、樵失、乞丐,后用狂草筆法作畫,縱橫揮毫,氣象雄偉,曾作《清丐圖》,同情逃荒人流落街頭的苦難生活。但有時失之粗俗,衣紋皺折累贅,是其缺點,山水學吳鎮,兼宗倪瓚、黃公望,亦作花卉,擅長書法,學懷素,傳世作品有《墨菊圖》軸,現藏故宮博物院,《仕女圖》卷,藏山東省博物館。著有《蛟湖詩鈔》。


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