Song Dynasty (?) Painting

(?) ᳾e

The style of this painting most resembles that of the Chinese Sung Dynasty, but it probably represents a revival of the style. Judging by the signs of age, this painting is possibly as early as the 17th Century, but may be later. It closely resembles "Birds in a Tree" attributed to Cho Sok (b. 1595) in the Duksoo Palace Museum of Fine Arts, Seoul, Korea. I purchased it in 1968 in Seoul from a dealer who specialized in early Oriental paintings, and it had been professionally cleaned and mounted.

The background is brown; most of the painted parts are black, but some are grey, and there are a few areas of light color (orange for the bill and red for the eye). The detail shown is about twice life size. Some areas have a negative effect where color formerly existed.

The overall size of the image is 11 1/8" X 9 7/8".

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