China Sinkiang Province Minted Coin 新疆省鑄幣編

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Under Construction 在建造中

Very Rare Sinkiang 5-Mace Coin with 4 Bats (lucky money) 五錢四蝙蝠吉利錢大珍品 (賜福)

Very Rare Variety of 1-tael Silver Coin 餉銀一兩珍罕版

Very Rare Variety of 5-Mace Silver Coin 餉銀五錢珍罕版

Rare Sinkiang 5-Mace Coin with 1 Bat (lucky money) 五錢蝙蝠吉利珍錢 (福)

Error Sinkiang 5-Mace Coin 五錢食字錯版錢

Scarce Sinkiang 4-Mace Coin 四錢銀錢 (少)


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